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Kind words can be short and easy to speak, but their echoes are truly endless.

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Expert Healthcare

B2Company Health is a company with international vocation thanks to the strategic counselling contract signed with AGR OPENING MARKETS.

Created in 2014 in Malaga and afterwards transferred to Madrid, B2Company Health has a share capital of 55,000 Euro and own capital of 222,000 Euro.

EboHealth Philosophy

Our philosophy is focused in one main pillar, that is to say whatever is related with our beloved elderly people or those who are needy.

The civil society got caught by the dynamics of the speed, capitalism, individualism and selfishness. This implies that the elderly people have been left alone and abandoned either in their own homes or in retirement homes. Things being so, they cannot bring quantitative value, however we need to acknowledge that without them we would not be in this world.



Our business model is inspired in the creation of values and resources through business, whose profit is re-invested in whatever has “the loneliness and the neglect of the elderly people” as its epicenter, providing our beloved with technological resources and support.

Our Headquarters

Our headquarters are in Madrid, Spain, and are supported by the international capillarity of our advisor’s network: AGR OPENING MARKETS

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